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  • Pre-Kindergarten Program

    Pre-Kindergarten Program


    It is the goal of our Pre-Kindergarten Program to foster the necessary growth and development that will enable a child to deal competently with his or her environment and future learning experiences. As a program we recognize that this is a reciprocal process involving both home and school. Families are viewed as an integral part of the education process and are invited to be involved in all aspects of their child's educational planning.

    Children in the Pre-Kindergarten Program are seen as young children first and children with special needs second. As much as possible, teaching occurs in the context of play situations and learning centres. We also recognize the need for developmentally appropriate learning and when necessary, individual instruction. Mayfield's Pre-Kindergarten Program provides a wide range of experiences that capitalize on a child's strengths.


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  • Additional Programs

    Additional Programs

    Library Program

    We have a wonderful library at Mayfield School! Our amazing Librarian, Mrs.Eyo is continually updating our book inventory and inviting new guests and bookfairs to visit our library as well!

    This year was started off with 'Reading Week' in which special visitors from Edmonton came to read to our students! We were honored with a visit from the superintendant and some of the players from our Edmonton Eskimos! Zach Kline who's our quarterback, and Kwabena Asare who's one of our offensive lineman!

    We had a Scholastic Book Fair for a week in the fall - the students loved to visit the book fair and we received a TON of free books with our credits from all of the purchases made! Mrs. Eyo has added all the new books to the library for students to enjoy! She is also planning to invite Scholastic Book Fair back in the Spring time! Make sure to check 'Schoolzone' regularly for a notice of when the next book fair will occur.

    This year our Aboriginal section has grown immensely! Mrs.Eyo was so excited to order books for all ages - board books for our Early Education students! And books of all levels and interests for our Elementary students to learn about Aboriginal culture and history! Please feel free to pop in to the library to see all of the new interesting reads!

    Did you know you are welcome to come into the library and sign a book out for your child? Please feel free to visit during school hours!


    Did you know we have a program called 'WEE READS' at Mayfield School? This program involves volunteers from within the community coming to Mayfield and reading books with students! It is an amazing way for us to stay connected with the community, and for the community to stay connected with our students! Wee Reads is a program designed to create a 'love for books' and encourage children to enjoy reading and imagination. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and to all of the lovely community members who have made monetary donations to provide books for the 'Wee Reads' program! You are AWESOME!!!


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  • Regular Programs

    Regular Programs

    Mayfield School is an inclusive Elementary where every child is welcomed, and each classroom offers differentiated instruction to meet the needs of the students therein.  All students at Mayfield participate in regular music classes and students in grade 4-6 also participate in Spanish classes.  All students also participate in our Levelled Literacy Program 3 times per week.

    Mayfield Elementary School offers a 'Half Day' Kindergarten Program. Our Kindergarten currently runs in the mornings Monday- Friday 8:30am-11:25am.



    For more information regarding our Elementary program please contact the school office at

    (780) 489-5100.

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  • Lunch & Nutrition

    Lunch & Nutrition


    Mayfield is an NSTEP school (Nutrition, Students, Teachers Exercising with Parents).  The goal of NSTEP is to prevent childhood obesity through educating and motivating people to eat better, walk more, and live longer.





    They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here at Mayfield we tend to agree.  A healthy breakfast ideally would include protein and be low in sugars.  We find that children that have a healthy breakfast are more likely to be ready and available for learning, this is why we offer a daily breakfast snack to all of our students, while it is not a substitute for a full nutritious breakfast we hope that it will begin to provide a good start to a great day for each student.


    At Mayfield school we offer a lunch program for those students that are not able to go home for lunch.  Lunch supervisors have been hired to provide supervision for this service and will do so in the children's' classrooms.

    Lunchroom fees cover the costs of supervisors’ salaries, extra cleaning and administration costs. Lunchroom fees do not include the provision of food.  Lunch fees are due at the beginning of the month, or at the beginning of the school year and can be paid at the school office. If a student who regularly stays for lunch will be eating somewhere else or a certain day, it is important to let the office know

    Here at Mayfield we encourage all students to bring a healthy lunch that contains four food groups and is low in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats as recommended by Alberta Health Services, for example fruit and yogurt would make an excellent snack while fruit juices tend to be higher in sugars and may not be a healthy choice.  If you have questions about nutrition guidelines for your child please check out healthyalberta.com

    Unfortunately we do not have a microwave available for student use, please ensure your child's lunch does not need to be heated to be enjoyed.


    We have been so lucky to be teamed up with Westminster school for our fruit for the friend program in the past and we are continuing the program again this year! We have had a flood of fruit donations coming in each week from the children and staff at Westminster School. These donations go towards our Breakfast snack program at Mayfield.  Every morning our breakfast team puts together trays of fruits/vegetables accompanied by another food from one of the other food groups.  This breakfast program with the help and generosity of Westminster School keeps our children's tummies full so their brains can work away!!  

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  • Parent Groups

    Parent Groups

     Parent Advisory Council

    Parents are a welcome and essential part of our school -

    If you would like to contribute to the Mayfield School Community, please consider joining us at the next Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting for the 2018-2019 school year.  This is a great opportunity to have support and to provide input into the education of our students.

    We have a very active Parent Advisory Council (PAC) that meets once a month. The purpose of the PAC is mainly to share ideas and thoughts with school administration on matters of school organization and policy. An arm of the Parent Council is the Mayfield Parent Society and supports the school through fundraising events. Historically, the PAC has organized and worked casinos every two years. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.

     The functions of the PAC include: 

    • To provide a liaison between the school and community.
    • To provide a support network between for the school and community.
    • To facilitate and assist with the implementation of school policies.
    • To provide input into the school's planning and budgeting process.
    • To assist with the planning and organization of school related events and activities.
    • Advice and support to school staff.
    • Fundraising. 

    For the 2018-2019 school year, the Mayfield PAC has committed to supporting our students with fieldtrips, arts enrichment events/presentations, music enrichment and ongoing upgrades to technology resources. The PAC has sponsored our "Welcome Back " BBQ. Mayfield School is very grateful for the financial support of our PAC.

    The Parent Council typically meets the first Monday of each month at 6:15pm in the school.


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  • Parking at Mayfield

    Parking at Mayfield

    With a neighboring elementary school, a daycare and our busy site - parking can be a challenge. We ask that any parents or visitors to the school park in the visitor parking section behind the school (stalls # 1-8 against the fence), or on the street in front of the school.  Parking stalls to the side, back, and in front of the school are staff parking only and the open area next to the garbage and recycling bins are for school bus parking only.

    Bicycle parking; With our recent 'new' playground, we currently do not have a designated bike rack. Students are invited to lock their bicycles to the chainlink fence off the tarmac.

    Thank you!

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    ‌‌Here at Mayfield we have a variety of 'Clubs and Activities' to engage all of our student's interests! Some 'clubs' and  'activities' are over the lunch hour, after school or in the evening! Make sure to tune into 'Schoolzone' for the latest updates of 'clubs and activities' occuring at the school! Here are a just a few examples of 'Clubs' and 'Activities' that are occuring in our Elementary Program this year!:


    'The Green Team' - Mayfield Staff and Students work together to plant, care for and grow our very own vegetables!

    'Choir and Handbells' - Mrs.Bowering, our Music Teacher runs 'Choir and Handbells'


    'Kids on Track' - Kids on track is a community organization with a passion to offer hope, direction and support to children, youth and parents. They are purposeful in focusing on those families whose socioeconomic situations have made it difficult for them to access opportunities needed for optimal development of their young people. Kids on Track runs at Mayfield Wednesdays after school from 3:30pm - 5:00pm. For additional information on their website, check www.kidsontrack.org  

    'Running Club' - Mrs. Wolfe offers a lunch hour Running Club in the fall and in the spring! Students get to lace up, and get active while the weather permits them to!

    'Photography Club' - Students explore different photography elements during a variety of projects. Images can be shot with anything from a phone or iPad to a digital camera.

    'Mayfield Mentors' - Students interested in leadership learn coaching strategies in math and language arts.


    Stay tuned for more information and sign-up opportunities from your Mayfield Teachers!

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy


    Mayfield School is a caring, inclusive school that strives for excellence in its aim to serve the intellectual, social, emotional and physical aspects of each individual while fostering self-esteem, dignity and uniqueness. There is a fundamental belief that individuals have different strengths as learners and staff endeavors to meet these needs on an individual basis. Citizenship is promoted through the nurturing of a strong sense of community with a supportive and collaborative relationship between students, staff and parents.

    Mayfield School is a "Safe and Caring School."

    The Goal of a Safe and Caring School

    Members of a safe and caring school model socially responsible and respectful behaviours so that learning and teaching can take place in a safe and caring environment.

    What is a Safe and Caring School?

    A safe and caring school is a place where staff, students and parents create a shared vision based on collective safe and caring values. It is a place where everyone treats others fairly, with respect and kindness, and acts in a socially responsible way. The members support and care for one another so that everyone can succeed both in school and in life. Adults learn how to be effective role models, and children and youth learn to appreciate one another's differences. Everyone has a role to play in creating a safe and caring environment.

    The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities aims to teach students respect and build a sense of responsibility to the community. The programs affect a child's total environment by assisting adults both in and outside of the school to model pro-social behaviours and skills including: bullying and violence prevention, anger management, conflict resolution, and respect for diversity. Programming is based on these fundamental concepts:

    • non-violent values and behaviours must be taught and reinforced consistently by the important adults in a child's life,
    • integrating safe and caring principles into the school curriculum and reinforcing them in the school, the home and the community teaches children to apply these values to all aspects of their lives,
    • children and youth who feel safe and cared for are predisposed to learning,
    • children and youth need to take responsibility for regulating their own behaviour,
    • adults influence children's behaviour through modeling, and
    • children and youth are the responsibility of all adults within the community.

    Expectations for a Safe and Caring School at Mayfield

    • Respect Ourselves
    • Respect Others
    • Respect Property


    Student Rights and Responsibilities Documents

    Student Rights and Responsibilities Documents

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  • School Hours

    School Hours


    First Bell:


    Classes Begin:


    Morning Recess:

    10:10 – 10:25


    11:20 – 12:10

    Afternoon Classes Resume:


    Afternoon Recess:

    1:45 – 2:00

    Levelled Literacy - Reading Groups

    2:40 – 3:16 (Mon., Tues., Wed.)

    Classes End:


    Early Dismissal:

    Thursday – 2:25


    (*NO School Mondays *)

    Morning Classes:

    8:15 – 11:24

    Early Ed Kindergarten

    8:15 – 2:15pm


    Afternoon Classes:

    12:11 – 3:20





    First Bell:



    Classes Begin:



    Morning Recess:


    10:06 - 10:21

    Programming Time: 


    11:40 - 12:10 

    Afternoon Classes Resume:



    Afternoon Recess:


    1:57 - 2:12

    Classes End:





    8:45 - 2:20



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  • Volunteering


    A sign of a successful school is the involvement of its students, parents, staff, and community in routine and special activities. Some possible opportunities include supporting our Wee Reads program, fieldtrips. and in-class support. If you wish to discuss volunteer opportunities please contact the school office or your child's classroom teacher.  For safety reasons we ask that all volunteers sign in at the front office.  You may also consider volunteering for our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC); this committee provides support and input for the school as well as coordinates some of the fundraising and special events around the school throughout the year.  If you wish to volunteer for the PAC please consider attending one of their meetings.


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Welcome to Mayfield


Mayfield School is a warm, welcome learning environment that provides Kindergarten to Grade 6 inclusive classrooms for children in the Mayfield and High Park communities, as well as a large Pre Kindergarten program for students aged three to five. Mayfield has a wonderful and knowledgeable staff who are all committed to offering a stimulating, positive learning environment.

If you would like to consider becoming a part of our Mayfield School community please contact the school at

(780)489-5100 to arrange for a school tour.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Mayfield Elementary School!


The 2018-2019 School year promises to be an exciting and rewarding year!

Our staff are committed to helping students discover their passions, explore their interests and uncover their strengths.  We challenge students to be the best that they can be, to celebrate successes, and to see mistakes not as failures, but as an essential part of the learning process.


At Mayfield, we are fortunate to have Pre-Kindergarten, two ‘Interaction’ classrooms (for students with autism), and Kindergarten to Grade 6 Elementary programming.

This year we have just a few staffing changes at Mayfield School. We are excited to welcome Mrs. Wanda Cummins, Assistant Principal and Mr. Kyle Evans, Grade 5/6 Teacher, and new to Pre-Kindergarten is Ms. Brenda Easton.


Our entire Staff are dedicated to building School spirit and community through collaboration. This year we are proud to announce that we will continue to have monthly ‘Hot Lunches’, ‘Spirit Days’, Intramurals, noon-hour clubs and will continue ‘Milk Mondays’ in our Elementary program. Additionally, Mayfield has been selected to participate in a School Nutritional program. Details will be shared very soon, as the K-6 program gets underway. We will continue with our partnership with the Lion’s Club and Cob’s Bread that brings fresh bread for families across all programs and supplements our morning snack program currently.


As always, we are so very grateful for our Mayfield Parent Council. It will be an exciting year for the council as we just recently filled every council position with parent volunteers. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of this group, the students in the Elementary program will enjoy another year of field trips at no cost.


If you are willing to volunteer your time to support school initiatives, please come and visit us at the school office. We encourage our families to check Schoolzone regularly for school news, class news and district news.


Please feel free to contact our School Office at (780) 489-5100 with any questions you may have.


Have a wonderful year,

Maureen Winter