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Library Learning Commons


This year our library has seen an 'overhaul' - Mrs. Eyo and Mrs. Cummins have both been very busy 'culling' books, recycling and prepping the library to become a space for classrooms to use as an enriching environment. 

In the fall, we had another successful 'Scholastic Book Fair' and Mrs. Eyo was able to purchase many new books and 'wish list' items for our library. Culling is a very big job, but with recycling books it opens the ability to make room for new favorites, and finding old goodies that students can embrace. Thank you to everyone who has purchased books throughout the year, from the book fair and from our book sales!

We are looking forward to renovations in the library coming to an end, and revealing a special space, or 'makerspace/learning commons' as we will call it - and having students and staff utilize the library for all of their learning and academic adventures. In the meantime, we have been so grateful that Mrs. Eyo continues library time with classrooms, in their classrooms. 


Did you know?

Did you know that we do 'Scholastic Book orders'? if you are interested in ordering books for your child from the scholastic book orders each month and have not received an order form, please call Mrs. Eyo and she can send a form home for you and your child.