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Library Learning Commons

Learning Commons

Last year, Mrs.Eyo worked very hard to 'cull' and organize our library space with the most up to date resources and most wanted books and stories for our students! Mrs. Spisak regularly created 'mindfulness' spaces where students and staff could enter the space and find a calming activity to engage in. 

With covid-19 restrictions, our learning commons are currently unavailable to staff and students to access. However, Mrs.Eyo has continued to work hard in pulling books, sanitizing and organzing reading materials for both staff and students to utilize. 



Spanish Program

At Mayfield School, we offer Spanish as a Second Language starting at the Grade 4 level.  Based on the research demonstrating that a second language is best taught between 30 - 40 minutes per day over the course of a school year to enable students to develop communication skills, language knowledge and cultural understanding, Mayfield students have scheduled Spanish classes as part of their academic program. 

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Students in Grade 4, 5, and 6 attend Spanish program class taught by Mrs.Lawrence - an incredible Spanish Teacher. In this interactive class, students embrace the language and spanish culture in general.