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Additional Programs

Library Program

We have a wonderful library at Mayfield School! Our amazing Librarian, Mrs.Eyo is continually updating our book inventory and inviting new guests and bookfairs to visit our library as well!

This year was started off with 'Reading Week' in which special visitors from Edmonton came to read to our students! We were honored with a visit from the superintendant and some of the players from our Edmonton Eskimos! Zach Kline who's our quarterback, and Kwabena Asare who's one of our offensive lineman!

We had a Scholastic Book Fair for a week in the fall - the students loved to visit the book fair and we received a TON of free books with our credits from all of the purchases made! Mrs. Eyo has added all the new books to the library for students to enjoy! She is also planning to invite Scholastic Book Fair back in the Spring time! Make sure to check 'Schoolzone' regularly for a notice of when the next book fair will occur.

This year our Aboriginal section has grown immensely! Mrs.Eyo was so excited to order books for all ages - board books for our Early Education students! And books of all levels and interests for our Elementary students to learn about Aboriginal culture and history! Please feel free to pop in to the library to see all of the new interesting reads!

Did you know you are welcome to come into the library and sign a book out for your child? Please feel free to visit during school hours!


Did you know we have a program called 'WEE READS' at Mayfield School? This program involves volunteers from within the community coming to Mayfield and reading books with students! It is an amazing way for us to stay connected with the community, and for the community to stay connected with our students! Wee Reads is a program designed to create a 'love for books' and encourage children to enjoy reading and imagination. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and to all of the lovely community members who have made monetary donations to provide books for the 'Wee Reads' program! You are AWESOME!!!