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Lunch & Nutrition


Mayfield is an NSTEP school (Nutrition, Students, Teachers Exercising with Parents).  The goal of NSTEP is to prevent childhood obesity through educating and motivating people to eat better, walk more, and live longer.





They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here at Mayfield we tend to agree.  A healthy breakfast ideally would include protein and be low in sugars.  We find that children that have a healthy breakfast are more likely to be ready and available for learning, this is why we offer a daily breakfast snack to all of our students, while it is not a substitute for a full nutritious breakfast we hope that it will begin to provide a good start to a great day for each student.


At Mayfield school we offer a lunch program for those students that are not able to go home for lunch.  Lunch supervisors have been hired to provide supervision for this service and will do so in the children's' classrooms.

Lunchroom fees cover the costs of supervisors’ salaries, extra cleaning and administration costs. Lunchroom fees do not include the provision of food.  Lunch fees are due at the beginning of the month, or at the beginning of the school year and can be paid at the school office. If a student who regularly stays for lunch will be eating somewhere else or a certain day, it is important to let the office know

Here at Mayfield we encourage all students to bring a healthy lunch that contains four food groups and is low in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats as recommended by Alberta Health Services, for example fruit and yogurt would make an excellent snack while fruit juices tend to be higher in sugars and may not be a healthy choice.  If you have questions about nutrition guidelines for your child please check out healthyalberta.com

Unfortunately we do not have a microwave available for student use, please ensure your child's lunch does not need to be heated to be enjoyed.


We have been so lucky to be teamed up with Westminster school for our fruit for the friend program in the past and we are continuing the program again this year! We have had a flood of fruit donations coming in each week from the children and staff at Westminster School. These donations go towards our Breakfast snack program at Mayfield.  Every morning our breakfast team puts together trays of fruits/vegetables accompanied by another food from one of the other food groups.  This breakfast program with the help and generosity of Westminster School keeps our children's tummies full so their brains can work away!!  

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